Words Every Association CEO Wants to Hear.

As a CEO of 5 companies over my 40 years in business, there are words that get my interest when I hear them spoken by a vendor.  The 3 words suggested below especially hold true for the leaders of today's associations.




As associations struggle to remain economically viable, profitable is becoming a more important word every quarter.  Finding new sources of non-dues revenue is now critical to an association's success. Many CEO's don't realize that their video content can be a profit center.  Video is content that your sponsors want to pay for. They know that video engages members like no other medium.  Think of your video content like your magazine content.  Sponsors are getting tired of advertising in a magazine that has a continual decline in readership. They want engagement. Your members are actually watching video - they are not reading your magazine...  Also video in the form of live-streaming is a great opportunity for sponsorship or pay per view.  


What is the purpose of your association?  Are you actively communicating this to your members?  Are you able to measure the engagement? 90% of your members are visual learners. This is the best way to engage them to deliver your message.  Video is the ultimate visual medium.  If you want to engage your members with purpose, video can be leveraged to inform, educate and inspire. By placing your video in a platform such as Association TV® you can measure every video against association goals, while making is easy for members to find your content and act on it. 


Most CEO's hate unpredictability.  Using a platform like Association TV® delivers predictability for your content and messaging.  Rather than send your members to YouTube where there is every likelihood that they will be watching something other than your video, Association TV® keeps members on your website and in your brand, where you can control their experience.  In addition, Association TV® can help you to create, build and deploy an annual content calendar that is predictable in rhythm and revenue.  

If you would like to get more insights as to why so many CEO's are endorsing Association TV® please click on the button below to schedule your personal demonstration.

Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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