What Every Association Needs to Know Before Making Video


How many pamphlets, association magazines and annual reports have you read this month? Did you enjoy them? Did you look forward to reading them and think, wow, that really made me want to read even more? Or was it all a slog to get through, with long, run-on sentences full of buzzwords, boring stats and entire paragraphs that wasted precious seconds of your life? Did you even read any?

Now think of how much video content you’ve consumed and enjoyed just in the last 24 hours. Television, movies, LinkedIn, YouTube, news outlet clips — or TikTok and Instagram videos for you hip cats out there. Is there any comparison between your willingness, nay, your desire to watch video over traditional marketing?

Call us biased, but if you’re not using video in your marketing mix, you’re leaving reach, engagement and revenue on the table. 

The most successful brands in the world are harnessing the power of video to engage their audience through social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, as a method of drawing traffic to their brick and mortar or website.


To maintain and grow membership, associations must adapt.

Association videos are a great way to inform, educate and inspire current members, and attract prospective members, sponsors, and strategic partners. Think of all the raw content you already have, the subject-matter resources in your conferences, interviews, virtual or in-person events, keynote speakers and testimonials. Get it all on camera, and suddenly you’re allowing that invaluable content to take on a new life for people who truly desire it. 

Since the early 2000s, the number of companies specializing in videography, animation and editing has been consistently skyrocketing. Unfortunately, this tidal wave can leave people who are new to video marketing overwhelmed by a sea of industry advice and production jargon. That’s when it becomes difficult to pinpoint what video options and services suit your needs. Of course, depending on your association’s goals, you’ll want a few different options, but it is essential to understand what’s available before pushing ahead.

With a quick search, you’ll find tons of different video professionals fill different roles. The structure of your association will help determine which services are done in-house and outsourced, but then there’s equipment, strategizing and scheduling that goes into an effective content calendar. It’s complicated and can be overwhelming! We get it, and that’s why we’re here. We got your back.

We went ahead and developed a short e-book that should take some of the mystery out of video production and expand on what services exist. 

It’s called “I Want to Make a Video, Now What?” (nail on the head, right?).

We dive into the benefits surrounding a good video content strategy and explore the required crew and equipment for each service. We designed it to be a quick read so that you can get this essential information and decide for yourself what you need. Call it a cheat sheet, like when your dad came with you to buy your first car. Best part?


It’s absolutely free to download. Just Click the Box Below to Download your copy!

Download the E-book now!

Enter your email, open the book, and discover your video options to increase your member engagement and boost your recruitment, retention and revenue.

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