Content is King: Key Steps to Creating an Engaging Content Calendar

When deciding to incorporate video into your content strategy, most associations approach the idea with a departmental and transactional mindset:

  • Member services needs a member testimonial for a new product offering
  • Events needs a sizzle reel for the annual conference
  • Education needs a save-the-date for a seminar they are holding

While video can definitely help with all of these initiatives, videos that are specific to one department usually focus on informing members in a narrow field and rarely work to engage and educate them in the process. 

Conversely, if all departments collaborate to develop a shared calendar; 


They can lower the cost of content creation

Non-dues revenue has long been a benefit of magazine content. Planning your video programming with the same strategic and deadline driven practices you apply to your magazine, opens up a multitude of new monetization opportunities.


They can improve the quality of video content 

Bringing every department in to collaborate on your video strategy means that it’s easier to keep every piece of content on brand and ensure it hits each of your association’s key values. Different departments also have access to a wealth of contacts and resources which could become sources of valuable content. 


They ensure that the overall calendar is a balanced blend of give and take

For example: Perhaps the member services department wants to make a video to inform members on a growing industry issue, and this issue will be a key topic of discussion at the upcoming annual conference. A great idea would be to add a short conference promotion to the end of the video - prompting members to learn more about this important issue by registering for that session at the conference.

Now the video works to drive both member education and event attendance!

Contact us to learn more about how our expert content creators and strategists can help you build a content calendar that engages your members and drives your organizational goals. Check out our recorded webinars for more tips for creating an inter-departmental content strategy that works.

Check out our Association Insights video series for even more expert advice and insight on a variety of topics impacting your association today. 

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