Discovering the Video Content You Already Have

Many associations understand that video content is essential to engaging the next generation of members. Often, these savvy organizations have been educating members for generations, yet when it comes to video programming, they can’t decide what to produce. 

The good news, these associations are sitting on a video content goldmine - they just need to know where to look.

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Here’s a list of the top content sources that associations can tap for a stellar video program:

1) Events & Presenters

What were the hot button topics discussed at your annual event? If members were willing to fly out to a conference to hear about them, it’s likely that they would be more than interested to watch a video about them! Full session recordings from your conference are a wealth of content. They can be published in full, mined for clips for use in more targeted videos, or used as sources of information.

2) Magazine Articles

What are some of the most popular articles from your magazine? Chances are these topics would also work for video. Don’t worry about recycling content. Using a dynamic visual medium opens up many opportunities to expand upon the original source material and breathe new life into a piece.

3) Members

The membership is an association's greatest source of strength and this is also true for association video programming. Many of your members are implementing new processes, piloting new technology or workshopping new models to engage their workforce. 

Extend an invitation to your members to see if they would be willing to share their case studies on camera. These real-life stories are particularly exciting to members because they are easy to relate to and often provide actionable insights.

4) Industry Research

Does your association conduct a member survey, an annual report or market research?

Many members need this information but don’t have the time to engage with a dense whitepaper. Short video synopsis of key concepts and findings would be a welcome offering for members. 

5) Updates

Does your CEO write a forward for your newsletter? Do you send members monthly communications on the results of your advocacy efforts? Any updates that are valuable enough to email to your members will also make for an engaging video. The video format also has an added bonus of allowing you to build more emotional cues into these announcements. 

For example, if you want members to share in your pride over the amount of money donated to your PAC, you can use visual and musical cues to communicate this message.


Every association is different, these are just a few of the great resources that exist. To uncover more hidden content within your association, check out our online playbook. It’s a great tool that can be used to identify content sources and slot them into a balanced and profitable calendar. 


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