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Associations are as relevant as ever, but the factors that attract and retain members are completely different than they once were. While in the past, people joined associations for a sense of camaraderie, today the driving force behind association membership is education.

According to recent survey conducted by ASAE, 92% of association conference attendance is driven by education - and this figure is true across all age groups.

Unfortunately, as resources shrink, access to one annual event may not be enough education for a professional or business to justify their yearly membership dues.

Online learning is a fantastic way to provide year-round education, badging and even accreditation.
One of the key benefits to online learning, is that it's not confined to a one-time event. Members can learn at their own pace, on their own time - and in doing so, they make your association a key part of their professional development journey.

Finding themselves in an increasingly dynamic regulatory climate, College Student Educators International (ACPA) in partnership with Association TV® and Professor Peter Lake, devised a solution. 

They developed Compliance U, an on-demand video education platform designed to satisfy ACPA members' needs for compliance education and professional development.

Since its launch, the platform been a resounding success. In the first three months alone, Compliance U's first two on-demand courses received 4,000+ views.

Watch the video below to find out more about how ACPA built this successful program and how you can use similar principles to supplement your association's educational programming. 

Compliance U PASS Video

 Looking to push the easy button for your association's online learning?  Schedule a demo by clicking on the button below of the Association TV® platform.  The platform is a big part of the success story powering the online learning for  Compliance U.


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Breanna Perrelli is a Producer with WorkerBee.TV


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