Millennial members want value

The generation that has grown up with the internet are now influencing the discussions in boardrooms across America. They have access to everything, thanks to the proliferation of information available with the swipe of a finger. Growing up looking at a screen, their brains can recognize and assimilate information much more quickly than past generations could. This group has the attention span of a goldfish. Check that - a goldfish might be slightly more interested! They look for the quick fix. While they are looking for the quick fix, they want to be entertained. 

millenials WB.jpg

They don’t care about your Association’s legacy. They want to know what’s in it for them. If they can find the alleged value that you think your association brings to them in a spot that is faster, cheaper and “more fun,” you don’t have a prayer in keeping them as members. Think of video as the conduit to providing value. This is the medium that they are expecting - will you deliver?

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