WorkerBee.TV CAE Approved!

We weren't just blowing smoke when we said we were thought leaders for video in the association space.

WorkerBee.TV has received the green light on their application to be CAE approved for our educational events.

This means that you will not only enjoy our FREE content but will be earning credit towards your Certified Association Executive Designation. 

To see if one of our events is eligible for CAE credits, just check out the registration page for that event.  If you see the logo below, then credits are there for the taking.

CAE approved web icon.jpg

When you have signed up and attended an event, we will send you a digital certificate from that event with the number of credits that you have earned. 

Just another reason to keep in touch with the thought leaders at Association TV®

Association TV® is a part of WorkerBee.TV

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV


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