Facebook Troubles Should be a Reminder That Social Media is Your Competition

It was a little odd to see Mark Zuckerberg apologize for their data hiccup last week. Most of us can see through the thin veil of PR deflection and understand that data is really what Facebook is selling now and into the future. You may want to parlay this scandal to remind your members that social media does have a cost.

Let's face it, members are now questioning more than ever the value that they are receiving from their association.  Many are turning to social media groups to satisfy their needs for education and networking.

So why do I need to be a member of an association when I can get what I need for free?

And that is the big question that you have to answer to your members. I think the reality is that social media is giving away free group membership to individuals in order to get their data.  Sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence is creating a monster where social media will know your member better that you do.

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It may be prudent to remind your members that you do not sell or rent their data.  It may also be prudent to think about how you can keep your content on your own digital platforms so that only your members can access the value.  

If you are posting all your content on social media, why would a member pay you for that content?

Association TV®  has been helping associations to keep their content where it belongs - on their website. The platform makes it easy to post videos, podcasts and other media in a manner that your members can access by either subscription or a simple search. Association TV® users leverage social media to drive member prospects to their site rather than drive them away to the social media platform. 

Let us help you to understand who your competition really is.  Get a complimentary demo by clicking the button below.


Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

Dan Stevens is President of WorkerBee.TV



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