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Would You Hire an Employee That Gave 50% of Their Salary Back?

Posted by Dan Stevens on Dec 6, 2018 9:34:25 AM
Dan Stevens

What if you could hire a person that would have a significant positive impact on membership and engagement, build and produce your entire content calendar, and every year, would give you at least half of their salary back.  Would you hire that person?


Meet your new employee….actually a whole team of employees at Association TV®. 


  • As we all know, many associations are struggling to remain relevant to their stakeholders. Your new membership mix of mostly millennials are expecting an entertaining digital interaction with you every time.  This type of content is difficult to keep up with and can be expensive to produce. What if you left it in the hands of your new hire?  Here is what you could expect...

Your new hire would:

  • - Digitally educate your members every month on topics that directly impact their personal and   professional lives.
  • - Help improve member retention by 2% or more per year.
  • - Digitally capture potential new members and increase recruitment by 5%.
  • - Help you take your BEST educational content from the typical 15% of members that attend events to 100% of the membership.
  • -Protect you from being filtered out by the artificial intelligence and algorithms of YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other competitors who want your members time.

The best part...  The new hire would present appropriate content to sponsors and generate revenue that would offset most of their salary. 

Would you like to see a resume?  Click on the button below to secure your first interview.

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Association TV® is a division of WorkerBee.TV

Dan Stevens is president of WorkerBee.TV and is a sought after guest speaker on association trends.  To book Dan at your next event, contact John Heppenstall, Director of Marketing, WorkerBee.TV.

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