Is Your Digital Inventory Deep Enough For Your Sponsors?

As dues revenue begin their inevitable decline, associations will have to turn to sponsorships and other non-dues revenue opportunities to take up the slack.  Do you have the digital inventory to grow your sponsorship?

Trends are important to understand, and to capitalize on.  A big trend to realize is that print advertising is in significant decline. Your members are choosing to consume content in a digital environment rather than traditional media like print. Sponsors realize this and are looking to shift advertising spends to digital opportunities rather than traditional media. 

US Ad Spend on Digital

Another big trend to understand is that most sponsorship spends are now controlled, or at the very least, influenced by the corporate's marketing department. Marketers are looking for sponsorship spends that are actionable and accountable.

They want to know that your members are actually consuming the content. 

Accountability is easy in a digital environment as actions can be measured in a variety of ways.  Page views, time on page or time on video, as well as sign up forms all give credence to why marketing departments like digital and are beginning to dislike "branding" plays. 

Associations need to begin to build digital inventory of sponsor opportunities in order to keep and increase sponsorship spends. For all the digital choices, marketing departments prefer video.  Video is the content choice of your members and the reason why video is now taking up more than 50% of internet bandwidth.

To learn more about building digital inventory and increasing sponsorship, why not attend our FREE webinar on the topic next Thursday, June 14th at 3:00PM Eastern. To access the webinar sign up page, click on the button below.


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Dan Stevens is president of WorkerBee.TV and is a sought after guest speaker on association content and sponsorship trends



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