Why Sponsors Look Elsewhere For Digital Solutions.

Today's Chief Marketing Officers (CMO's) consider associations to be behind the times when it comes to digital solutions. This is hurting your ability to grow non-dues revenue. Here are some ideas on how you can change that attitude and start attracting digital opportunities. 

CMO's are looking for digital solutions. They know that their audiences are going to be searching for them online. They are spending their marketing budget on digital opportunities in social media and Google advertising.



Up until now, CMO's have thought of associations as being a branding buy through sponsorship rather than a slick digital buy that can be measured  in terms of views and conversions. 

Why are associations considered digital neophytes?

It's because most sponsorship opportunities are still tied to traditional branding opportunities like signage, and promotional products. Sponsorships have been transactional - and usually focused on just one event. 

Sponsors are looking for more.

Here are the top 5 points a CMO will be looking for with their partnership commitments.

1. Cohesive Solution.  A CMO wants to know that your opportunity is a true campaign, and is tied to ROI and has a real digital component.

2. Content Generation They Can Utilize. Ideally, your sponsorship opportunity generates digital content that can be repurposed to use for other audiences.

3. Owned Content or Exclusive Positioning.  CMO's are looking for opportunities where their organization can be positioned as experts in their field. They want exclusive positioning for their offering with your members.

4. Annual Planning and Commitment. A CMO is looking for an opportunity where they can span multiple events and channels to really have an opportunity to engage your members.  They want multiple exposure in magazines, buyer's guides, web content, and events to maximize their opportunity.

5. Make it Easy. A CMO wants a digital solution that does not tax their already overworked marketing department. Give them a solution that includes a campaign brief, real time measurement, expected milestones and summary. 

To learn more how Association TV® can help with your digital sponsorship approach, click on the button below for a complimentary demo. 

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV



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