Why Your Sponsors Want to Be Experts to Your Members

Are you starting to see sponsors and partners becoming lukewarm to the usual conference sponsorships?  Maybe they are looking for more from you...

Think about it.  Your sponsors are the vendors that provide the goods and services to allow your members to function and excel.  You have chosen them because they are experts at what they do.  Is their expertise and knowledge of value to your members? 

You bet it is. 

Your sponsors are looking for an opportunity to share their knowledge in a way that elevates them in the minds of your constituents.  People want to learn from experts. 


Progressive associations are beginning to recognize the opportunity to allow for content marketing solutions inside their event and annual sponsorship programs:  Speaking at conferences, sharing insights, best-practices or "How-To" videos, joint research reports and webinars are opportunities to meet the needs of both sponsors and member education.

It's getting harder and harder to get messaging to engage with an audience. Make it easy for your sponsor's message to get to your membership by elevating their stature. They will be more than happy to push the easy button when they are making buying decisions regarding your partnerships.

Learn more on how you can help your sponsors become experts.  Click on the button below to book a complimentary sponsor review

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John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV




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