Are you Digitally Relevant to Your Members and Sponsors?

It's one thing to be relevant in person, but it is quite another to be digitally relevant. Your member is bombarded with over 3500 messages per day. What are you doing to stay top of mind? Also do your sponsors see your conference buy as a real return on investment?  Or are they distracted by better opportunities...

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 The challenge for relevancy is real. Today's member is visually based, and looks to consume content in a digital format. That means they would prefer to watch a video rather than to have to read. Also, is the content compelling? Are you taking the time to plan interesting timely posts that your members can only get from you?  

 On the other side of the equation are your sponsors. The modern sponsor of your association event is expecting a measurable return on investment for their spend. They are looking to you to help them to publish something great. That great content needs to be relevant to your membership, as well as be useful and relevant for other target audiences.  

 What can you do to be digitally relevant? 

  1.  Give your sponsor a voice. Allow your sponsor to speak at your event on an educational topic.   Chances are they will deliver something meaningful for your members. Why?  Because they are experts at what they do. 
  1.  Film their session. Have Association TV® film, edit and package the session as a two or three minute video that can become part of an expert series that you release on a monthly basis. Your members will enjoy the relevancy of the content. 
  1. Amplify the Reach. Allow the video to be used by the sponsor on their website for their own marketing efforts. Allow them to use your association name on their site; "as seen on" so that they can add credibility to their posting.

This is just one example of how you can be relevant with your members and sponsors. If you would like to learn more on this topic, why not sign up for a FREE webinar on January 17th at 3:00pm eastern that will dive deeper and give you real association examples of how this is being done.


Association TV® is part of WorkerBee.TV 

John Heppenstall is Director of Marketing for WorkerBee.TV

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